More Random Tips and Tricks

Most of these will be random tips and tricks for Roblox and Roblox Games, mailed by Roblox players, several suggestions or tricks may be wrong or do not exist anymore.

Roblox is a great MMORPG, just like Minecraft and has a big community. You can create anything in Roblox and have fun all the time with other players. But there are plenty of neat tricks and tips which can help you progress through the game at lightning speeds. So here is a list of some cool Roblox tricks and tips:

  1. You can earn 400 robux for free by typing ‘brickmaster5643’ once you get into Builder’s Club.
  2. You can easily cheat on levels in Roblox by typing the + sign or the – sign and 850000000000.
  3. Once you have purchased and entered the Builder’s Club, type 94063, and get free OBC.
  4. You can make your Roblox character moonwalk by pressing the arrow up button and S together.
  5. You can get the hoverboard experience by using a skateboard and Military Experimental Jetpack.
  6. For a cool flying hat, enter the game with a hat and press the ‘=’ button.
  7. For hair of your Roblox character, you need roll head and a ninja mask.
  8. To get collectibles like the ‘broken’ ninja mask, get a Perfection Head or a Round Head and wear it with the ninja mask.
  9. To glide around, jump and use your sword to glide. Just make two small white blocks stick on the upper part of your legs. Press the up or the down button, and you’ll see that you’ll start flying.
  10. For trapping a newbie, grab an ordinary chair and position it facing downwards. Take the chair to a newbie ship to catch a newbie.
  11. For starting a zombie riot, use the copier and delete tools to click on a zombie.
  12. To float in a mini tank, insert a mini tank from the insert menu and use the mini tank tool.
  13. To enable freeze cheat, press CTRL and F1 at the same time in Roblox.
  14. For new offers and bonus, keep a check on Roblox news.
  15. Use the trade currency feature to get robux.  Type in the amount, and it will show how much you will get in return.
  16. Guns and Ammunitions like pistol and Assault Rifle can be found near the donuts store. Also, in the hideout garage, you may discover a shotgun.
  17. For bank robbery, wait outside the bank with other players with keycards. Once more criminals come together, and the light inside the bank is ON, run inside and loot. You can increase your wanted level by killing cops and robbing more banks. This will increase your reward and bounty level.
  18. You should never use powerful weapons like a bazooka on strong players as they know how to dodge such attacks.
  19. If you reset on a stair or near stairs, every body part will have more coins upon respawn.
  20. There is a gravity coil glitch in which if you wear a gravity coil and jump, if you let go of the gravity coil and put it back on when you are about to touch the ground, you will fly even higher than usual.
  21. You can also learn how to get free robux on roblox using our roblox hack tutorial

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